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Homegrown Caprese Flatbread Recipe
Recipes | March 11, 2018

Homegrown Caprese Flatbread Recipe

Everyone loves flatbread pizza, but have you ever grown your own fresh toppings? It's no secret that homegrown tomatoes & basil are the sweetest ingredients you can find! Make your garden your one-stop-shop to compliment that cheesy, savory bite.



Let's be real. It's difficult to know how "fresh" the tomatoes and basil are in the grocery isle, let alone if the produce is organic and nonGMO! Conventional tomatoes and basil can be treated with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides, and sit on the shelf for weeks to degrade in flavor and nutrients. Clearly, it's not only the sweet, tempting taste of fresh ingredients that can lead to growing your own for the ultimate flatbread. 


Having the fresh tomatoes instead of store bought pizza sauce makes your creation 1,000 times better and more tasty. And topping off your pizza with fresh basil gives it that fresh, kick of flavor you're craving. Of course we'd never forget about the mozzarella, fresh pizza dough, and homemade hot pepper flakes. With the combination of your freshly-harvested ingredients and these welcomed additions, you'll be able to make a simple, crowd-pleaser dinner!

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