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Grow Your Dream Summer Garden

Experience delicious homegrown harvests, with no experience necessary!

Weed-blocking fabric means no weeding!

Heat-Tolerant varieties for Summer growing

Includes Organic and Non-GMO seeds

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Grow your own delicious food at home!

Immerse yourself in nature and its wonders.

Turn your backyard into a Farmers' Market

As Seen In

Health, sustainability, and wellness has never been easier to grow!

Ready in Minutes

Plug and plant garden ready in minutes

Just Add Water

Dissolvable seed pods sprout through weed-blocking fabric.

Your Farmers' Market

Embark on a journey of delicious self-sufficiency through gardening.

🍅 Enjoy the Smell (& Taste!) of Success 🌿

"This is my third year gardening with Seedsheets along with my adorable gardening partner. My 4 year old especially loves the dragon beans, and she enjoys a healthy after school snack straight from the garden! It's so easy!!!"

Rivka D.

Verified Buyer

"Can’t believe how successfully I’m growing for a first time gardener! Testament to the quality of seeds from Seedsheet. My other beds without Seedsheet are growing well but not as abundantly as my Seedsheet beds! I feel like a pro!"

Michelle B.

Verified Buyer

"I am becoming a farmer lady 👩‍🌾 now, thanks to Seedsheet! These vegetables make me so happy, and gardening is so peaceful! I have to brag about this because these gardens have produced so much food! I will only garden with Seedsheet from now on!

Nilar N.

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Design Your Own Garden

The Easiest Garden EVER! ·

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Design your dream garden from over 60 varieties of Organic and Non-GMO herbs, vegetables, flowers, and fruit!


  • Plantable pre-seeded garden in easy-to-arrange, overlapping strips. Fits any size Garden, ideal for 4'x8'.

  • Organic & Non-GMO Seeds

  • Biodegradable planting stakes

  • Proudly made in Vermont, USA

  • 2-yr Shelf life: buy now and grow later

  • Greenthumb Guarantee: If any pod doesn't grow, we'll replace it for free


Unmatched Delight You're getting a delicious and enriching experience; the opportunity to connect with nature, and enjoy the fruits of your labor... without any experience needed.

Unmatched Ease Our innovative products help anyone plant a perfectly designed, spaced, seeded, weedless garden in just minutes.

Unmatched Support Our gardens have scannable QR codes to teach you how to care for each of your plant babies!


Organic & Non-GMO Seeds

No weeding!!

Truly Customizable

A magic wand for your plants

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🙋‍♀️ Anyone Can Be A Gardener 👩‍🌾


Custom Raised Bed Seedsheet

Build your own dream garden from over 75+ varieties of Organic & Non-GMO seeds

Choose up to 64 Plants

Customize your perfect plot






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Expeditious Delicious Raised Bed Seedsheet

Includes: Organic & Non-GMO radishes, peas, cucumbers, lettuce scallions, & dill

Fastest growing Spring varieties

Best choice for beginners






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Easy Breezy Caprese Raised Bed Seedsheet

Includes: Organic & Non-GMO marigolds, beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, & sage

Most Popular Tomatoes

Decadent culinary herbs






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