How It Works


Design your dream garden from over 80 Organic and Non-GMO plants and flowers


Just place your Seedsheet on top of loose soil. The seeds are built-in, and the sheet blocks weeds


Eat with confidence, knowing you've grown the freshest, healthiest, organic food possible

Organic & Non-GMO

Customize your Seedsheet from over 80 premium Organic and Non-GMO seed varieties, sourced from the highest quality seed providers in the world.

Easier Than Making Your Bed

Seedsheet makes getting started a breeze. Just place your sheets on prepared soil, and secure them with the included biodegradable stakes.

No Planting Required

Each sheet is embedded with seed pods, so there's nothing to plant. The pods dissolve when you water them, allowing the seeds to grow. We space your seeds the perfect distance apart so you don't have to..

No Weeds, No Worries

Seedsheets are made from earth-friendly, recyclable weed-blocking fabric, so weeds can't grow. No chemicals required.

Step by Step Instructions

Each sheet has a QR code. Scan it with your phone for step-by-step instructions on how to care for each plant in your garden.


Ready to design your dream garden?