Last Week on Seedsheet Live (12/5/19)

Last Week on Seedsheet Live (12/5/19)

Creating a Custom Seedsheet, a Vietnamese Noodle Salad recipe, and watering assistance. A quick recap of the Seedsheet Live episode from last week!

Every Thursday at noon ET we host a live social media episode on Facebook and Instagram during which we answer gardening questions from Seedsheet customers and traditional gardeners alike! We’re here to help you successfully grow from seed to supper.

Last week on Seedsheet Live, Jenna in Maryland asked: “When building my Custom Seedsheet, how do I know which plants to put where?” 

Our website algorithm allows specific plant varieties to be placed where they will have plenty of space to grow and mature. So the site won’t let incompatibly sized plants be placed together. You’ll be prompted to select from a variety of sizes of plants that fit well together and it’s super easy!”

Check out this blog for more information on how to build a Custom Seedsheet filled with your favorite veggies, or maybe try out a new variety!

Our weekly Seedsheet Success photos came from Kari in Connecticut, who grew a perfect little Herb Seedsheet with six different varieties of herbs and a Caprese Seedsheet with gorgeous juicy red tomatoes and sweet basil. She made herb-filled salads, Caprese salads, and some perfect jars of pickles with her Seedsheet harvests. Thanks to Kari for sharing photos of her Seedsheet success via Instagram and as a reward, she won a FREE Balcony Seedsheet Garden kit of her choice! Don’t forget to email photos of your Seedsheet success to for a chance to be featured on an episode of Seedsheet Live and win a garden kit.

For our recipe of the week, we whipped up a gorgeously colorful and cleanse-worthy meal, perfect for the between-holidays season. Vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich, and damn delicious. Switch it up with different veggies and proteins to suit your mood and taste! Check out the full recipe here.

Finally, Brian from Instagram in Arizona asked, “How often should I be watering my garden after I see sprouts?”

Your garden will likely require daily watering, with some adjustment if your humidity or temperature is particularly high or low. Either way, we recommend checking on your garden at least once a day to watch it take off! Check out this blog for more information on watering your Seedsheet garden. 

Don’t forget to join us next week and also tag us in all your Seedsheet social media posts and submit your Seedsheet success photos to for a chance to win a free Seedsheet balcony garden kit! We’re also available for any and all gardening assistance—direct message us on Facebook, or Instagram, or email us a photo of your gardens with your questions to

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