Last Week on Seedsheet Live (11/14/19)

Last Week on Seedsheet Live (11/14/19)

A quick recap of another fresh Seedsheet Live episode!

Every Thursday at noon ET we host a live social media episode on Facebook and Instagram during which we answer gardening questions from Seedsheet customers and traditional gardeners alike! We’re here to help you successfully grow from seed to supper.

Last week on Seedsheet Live, Zach from Nevada asked, “Is the clear plastic on the sheet supposed to stay intact?” 

The outside of our pods may look like a clear, flexible “plastic” but are actually made from a food-grade water-soluble film, much like the outside of a pill-capsule. To properly dissolve the film, first set up your Seedsheet garden by placing your sheet seed-side-down on a bed of soil. Using the included green nozzle, water your sheet thoroughly and the film will completely dissolve. There should be no plastic-like residue remaining after the initial watering each pod. Keep in mind that there are multiple layers to a pod and it is very important to continue watering the pod until both layers, top, and bottom have dissolved entirely. This will allow your seeds to germinate, take hold, and grow big strong roots into the soil below.

Our weekly Seedsheet Success photos came from Casey in Texas, who grew adorable Salad and Caprese gardens in her own planter containers and she absolutely slayed the game! Don’t forget you can absolutely plant a Seedsheet garden in your own planter pots (as long as they have good drainage!). But for info on why we love our fabric containers, check out this blog here! Thanks to Casey for sharing photos of her Seedsheet success via Instagram and as a reward, she won a FREE Balcony Seedsheet Garden kit of her choice! Don’t forget to email photos of your Seedsheet success to for a chance to be featured on an episode of Seedsheet Live and win a garden kit.

For our recipe of the week, we cooked up some zesty Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells that forgo the traditional tomato-based sauce for savory garlicky Basil Pesto dolloped on top. Super easy for a weeknight meal, these baked shells are filled with creamy ricotta, herbs, and a little zing of lemon and red pepper flakes. We hope you thoroughly enjoy!!

Finally, Tamara on Instagram asked, “What is your favorite Seedsheet?”

The wonderful thing about Seedsheets is there’s something for everyone!! Check out the link here for our responses and recommendations. 


Don’t forget to tag us in all your Seedsheet social media posts and submit your Seedsheet success photos to for a chance to win a free Seedsheet balcony garden kit! We’re also available for any and all gardening assistance-- direct message us on Facebook, or Instagram, or email us a photo of your gardens with your questions to

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