Last Week on Seedsheet Live (12/12/19)

Last Week on Seedsheet Live (12/12/19)

Seedsheet Gift Cards, Mexican Stuffed Peppers recipe, and crop rotation. A quick recap of the Seedsheet Live episode from last week!

Every Thursday at noon ET we host a live social media episode on Facebook and Instagram during which we answer gardening questions from Seedsheet customers and traditional gardeners alike! We’re here to help you successfully grow from seed to supper.

First off—we’re having a December filled with amazing discount codes—so check out Facebook and Instagram to find them. There are a limited number of codes, so act now, just in time for the holidays!

Last week on Seedsheet Live, Lori in Colorado on Facebook asked: “Do you offer gift cards?”  

Absolutely! On our website, we offer e-gift cards that are emailed to the buyer and can then be printed out, stuffed in an envelope and gifted to a lucky individual. Another awesome holiday option we offer is giving the gift card of a Custom Garden, which are physical cards sent to the giftee with a gift card code. This gift allows your giftee to create their very own Custom Seedsheet garden directly on our website and it’ll be produced by our manufacturing team and shipped directly to their door.

Our weekly Seedsheet Success photos came from Becca in Louisiana, who grew a deliciously fresh Taco Seedsheet garden and cooked up some super tasty-looking tacos using her produce. They looked incredible! Thanks to Becca for sharing photos of her Seedsheet success via Instagram and as a reward, she won a FREE Balcony Seedsheet Garden kit of her choice! Don’t forget to email photos of your Seedsheet success to for a chance to be featured on an episode of Seedsheet Live and win a garden kit.

For our recipe of the week, we roasted up some tasty and colorful Mexican Veggie Stuffed Peppers. They’re low-carb because the traditional rice is substituted by cauliflower “rice”, also, gluten-free, vegetarian (and easily made vegan), veggie, fiber, and protein-packed. They’re also an easy take-along meal or weeknight special, not to mention they’re beautiful to boot! Check out the full recipe here. 

Finally, Alex from Texas on Facebook asked, “I have heard of crop rotation but am not really sure what it is. Is this something that I need to worry about with my garden?”

Crop rotation is vital to soil health for large-field agricultural operations. If you think of planted soil like a nutrient bank and plants make withdrawals from the bank, planting over and over again in the same ground will completely deplete the bank and you will be left with relatively useless ground. Some agricultural crops require different varieties of nutrients and other crops actually help to capture specific nutrients in the soil for the next round of plantings. So, crop rotation ensures that the soil also receives some deposits and also some rest so it can maintain its health for future crops. In your own gardens at home, crop rotation is not as necessary because you *should* be depositing nutrients with fertilized soil amendments after each planting cycle to ensure a big, healthy harvest from your next garden. For more info on refreshing your garden soil with fertilizers, check out our website blog!”

Don’t forget to join us next week and also tag us in all your Seedsheet social media posts and submit your Seedsheet success photos to for a chance to win a free Seedsheet balcony garden kit! We’re also available for any and all gardening assistance—direct message us on Facebook, or Instagram, or email us a photo of your gardens with your questions to

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