Last Week on Seedsheet Live (12/19/19)

A quick recap of last week's episode of Seedsheet Live including our Spicy Spiked Hot Chocolate recipe, gorgeous Seedsheet success customer photos, and tips for managing pets in the garden!

Every Thursday at noon ET we host a live social media episode on Facebook and Instagram during which we answer gardening questions from Seedsheet customers and traditional gardeners alike! We’re here to help you successfully grow from seed to supper.

Our weekly Seedsheet Success photos came from Kim in Kentucky, who grew a beautiful custom backyard garden with carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, greens and more. She also had assistance from a little helper! Thanks to Kim for sharing photos of her Seedsheet success via Instagram and as a reward, she won a FREE Balcony Seedsheet Garden kit of her choice! Don’t forget to email photos of your Seedsheet success to for a chance to be featured on an episode of Seedsheet Live and win a garden kit.

For our recipe of the week, we made a twist on a delicious winter classic with our Spicy Spiked Hot Chocolate! What better way to fight off the cold than to get a nice jalapeño-sweat on and warm up the soul with a little coffee liqueur. With the alcohol omitted, this warm chocolate treat is a crowd-pleaser for all ages! Check out the full recipe here.


Finally, Patty from Georgia on Facebook asked, “I want to plant a garden, but I have a dog and a cat and don’t want to plant anything harmful to them if they eat the plants. What should I stay away from?”

If you’re concerned about your pets getting into your gardens, we first recommend fencing off the area if at all possible. This will make sure you can harvest your produce before your pets get to it and have a snack. We know from experience that many dogs love to eat green tomatoes straight from the vine, and a fence could have easily prevented that. If you’re going to be growing container gardens instead of a raised bed, we recommend elevating the gardens off the ground on a table, which should guard against pets also. The plants in a Seedsheet garden that could be potentially toxic to cats and dogs are purple bunching onions, chives, and garlic chives. Also, the actual plant matter (leaves and stems) of tomato plants can also be harmful to pets if consumed in large quantities, although the fruit themselves are fine for them to eat (in moderation of course). So if you’re concerned about your kitty or puppy mowing down your garden, we do not recommend those specific varieties.

Don’t forget to join us next week and also tag us in all your Seedsheet social media posts and submit your Seedsheet success photos to for a chance to win a free Seedsheet balcony garden kit! We’re also available for any and all gardening assistance-- direct message us on Facebook, or Instagram, or email us a photo of your gardens with your questions to

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