Four steps to fresh food


Plant your Seedsheet

Place the Seedsheet seed-side-down on a container full of organic potting soil.


Here comes the water

Add water gradually in 10 second increments until the seed pods dissolve.


Learn from your garden

Your garden will message you with tips and tutorials to grow from seed to supper.


Serve it proudly

Enjoy your fresh, organic homegrown food! Oh, and take a picture and tag us, of course!


Accessible, as gardening should be

Meet the optimally designed, prefabricated garden.

Infamous plant killers, rejoice! Growing fresh, organic food is easy with Seedsheet. All you have to do is place it seed-side-down on the surface of a fabric container or garden bed.

No overalls

New to gardening? No problem! We made it quick and easy. You can choose from pre-selected kits, or build your own custom garden!

Dissolvable Seed Pouches

We offer over 70 different organic, non-GMO seeds that come in dissolvable pods. Once watered the pods dissolve and your plants start to grow!

The Future of Gardening

Design a custom garden online, or choose a recipe inspired kit. As your garden grows, it will message you with tips!

No chemicals involved

Once the organic seeds germinate, the seedlings sprout up through aligned openings in weed blocking fabric. No herbicides are necessary!

steps to fresh food

  • Plant
  • Water
  • Learn
  • Feast

What’s your dream garden?

Our Custom garden collects real time data about moisture, light, and temperature!

Choose Your Seeds