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Our mission is to demystify gardening, democratize agriculture, empower culinary mastery, and make growing good food ridiculously easy!

A Hint of Serendipty

A busy schedule, a tiny apartment, and an even smaller paycheck.

Back in 2012, I was a recent college grad working at an architecture firm designing sustainable LEED buildings, regularly including green roofs and vegetated-growing walls into my blueprints. But, even though I worked with plants, I had almost zero direct gardening knowledge.

That summer, the stars aligned, and a fortuitous “AHA moment” occurred in a backyard garden in Orwell, Vermont. One of my co-workers asked me to house-sit while he was on vacation, and because it was Vermont, his “house” was actually a fully-functioning 80-acre dairy farm replete with cows, chickens, guinea hens, and a massive vegetable garden.

At the end of each day, I would return from work, take off my shoes, and go barefoot “shopping” in the garden for dinner ingredients. One evening while harvesting kale, I noticed the meticulous organization of the garden, the evenness of the rows, and in my head, I saw a blueprint! I wondered;

‘How can I combine architecture and agriculture together to make gardening easier for everybody?’

The lightning struck, and I dropped the kale out from my hands, sprinted inside the farmhouse, grabbed my co-worker’s kids’ crayons and then sketched out the first drawing of Seedsheet. The goal was simple; use technology and software to demystify gardening and help inexperienced people like me grow healthy and delicious food in the comfort of their home or apartment!

Our products, and our company have evolved over the past 4 years of our existence, but our mission and core values have remained steadfast. We want to make gardening ridiculously easy. As Vermonters, we know where our food comes from, we know what’s in it, and we can eat with confidence. Our mission is to provide that level of confidence to you, regardless if your “personal farm” is in your backyard, or on a windowsill, stoop, or fire escape.

Cam MacKugler

We don’t just want to help you grow food, we want to help you grow your agricultural skills! Personally, my favorite part about Seedsheet has been my own education and mastery over horticulture, which I have absorbed through several seasons of growing my own food. We aim to democratize agriculture by not only building an intuitive and effective gardening product, but also by using technology to deliver pertinent tips and tutorials to you exactly when you need them.

So, from one former plant killer to another, welcome to Seedsheet, we have your back, and we can’t wait to help you turn your thumbs green!

Cam MacKugler

Founder/CEO of Seedsheet.

Why Seedsheet

Nowadays, food is treated like a software program: It’s designed, engineered and processed for maximal profitability, which frequently correlates to minimal quality.

As a result, we get a poor-quality diet with no deliciousness, no nutrition, and a LOT of chemical input. Not only is the environment at stake, but our bodies as well.

That’s why we want to know the story behind the food we eat, and whether pesticides and herbicides were used on our food. The best way to know is to grow it ourselves!

That’s Seedsheet’s mission: to make gardening ridiculously easy, accessible, and provide the right tools for you to enjoy fresh homegrown food with your friends and family.


We are a team of foodies & farmers, nerds & nature lovers, wearers of Carhartt overalls & Star Wars t-shirts, and all share the drive to disrupt agriculture and help you TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FOOD.

Cam MacKugler

Cam MacKugler

Founder/CEO of Seedsheet

Cam holds an Architecture degree from Middlebury College and is a LEED Accredited Professional. His background was in sustainable design and he frequently merged vegetative growing elements into his building projects. Read about how this melding of architecture and agriculture led to the origin of Seedsheet. Cam is an avid outdoorsman, a former collegiate and US Ski Team racer, and when he's out of the office he's either holding onto ski poles or a fly rod.

Dave Castle

Dave Castle

Director of Operations

Dave holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Bucknell. He has always been interested in sustainable living, previously working for General Electric assembling and maintaining wind turbines. His love for wind began with a career on tall ships where he earned his USCG 100-Ton Near Coastal Masters Captain's License. As a result, our factory is literally ship shape.

Dave Castle

Maura Huddleston

Customer Success Director

Maura Huddleston holds a Masters of Education degree and as a devout vegetarian she can basically speak ‘plant!’ She is our resident Gardening Guru and loves teaching people how to grow food, and make delicious meals! When not tending to her magnificent gardens she can be found feeding her chickens or testing new recipes for our weekly Facebook Live videos.

Dave Castle

Kristin McNett

VP of Sales

Kristin McNett brings a wealth of marketing and retail sales experience in the Lawn and Garden industry across multiple channel categories. A former plant killer, Kristin experienced her first ever gardening success when she grew her first Seedsheets! When she isn’t working with her family on their large farm she can be seen in green and gold rooting for the Packers.

Dave Castle

Nick Leach

Customer Success Manager

Beginning with a college internship, Nick Leach has been an integral part of the Seedsheet team since year one, and has greatly impacted prototyping, testing, and the evolution of our products. With his intimate knowledge of everything Seedsheet, he brings a wealth of information to help customers grow successfully!

Dave Castle

Manufacturing Team

Leslie Wittmeyer, Jacob Plankey, and Adam Racine physically touch every Seedsheet that goes out the door, hand-making each product in our Middlebury, Vermont factory. Our factory walls are usually reverberating with ACDC or Bob Marley blaring on the stereo, and it’s not uncommon to walk into the factory to find everyone dancing and singing… If plants have been scientifically proven to grow faster when music is playing, the same must be true for seeds…?

Seedsheets on

On April 7th, 2017, Seedsheet founder Cam MacKugler pulled on his very best overall & flannel T-shirt and walked into ABC’s Shark Tank. The bright lights and glitz and glam of Hollywood didn’t distract Cam, and he navigated the probing questions and boisterous banter of the Sharks to emerge victoriously!

To win the Shark’s attention and highlight the future commercial viability of Seedsheet, Cam invited Mark Cuban onto the stage to attempt a new World Record for the fastest time to precision plant 7,000 seeds. After raucous applause, the awarding of an official World Record certificate, and an explosion of green confetti cannons, the Sharks began to do battle.

Cam received multiple offers from Kevin, Mark, and Lori, which were all immediately undercut by each other. The speed and ferocity of their offers and counter-offers led Daymond to begin chanting “Shark Fight! Shark Fight! Shark Fight!”

Somehow, Cam managed to keep his composure through the negotiations, and accepted a deal with Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC! Seedsheet’s relationship with Lori has blossomed into a hugely successful partnership with sellouts on QVC, Good Morning America and the View!

You can watch the episode below and cheer on Cam as he swims in the most dangerous waters!

“I friggin love this!..."

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PBS Innovate “This is making it like you have no choice not to garden!”
PBS Newshour “What if all you need to do to grow the perfect garden is to lay down a mat of vegetable seeds, add water, and wait?”
NEXT Conference "Great output, done really simply. Plug and plant."

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