Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and view our FAQ's page.

Popular Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and view our FAQ's page.

1. Are Seeds included?

Yes. Our dissolvable seed pods contain the very best organic and non-GMO seeds from our partners High Mowing Seed Company and Johnny’s Select Seeds. Depending on the germination rate for each seed type, we include multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination. You can see a seed diagram for each Seedsheet™ by clicking on any of the products.

Note that we focus on organic and nonGMO seeds, however we do offer multiple varieties that are nonGMO but not organic. We specify these seeds on our custom platform and choose to include them because either no organic options are available in the market (flowers for example are not grown for organic seed), or because the plants are too darn tasty to ignore (we’re looking at you, sungold cherry tomatoes!).

2. Do I need to pull weeds?

No weeding necessary! Our seed pods are embedded in a weed-blocking fabric which naturally keeps out weeds, without having to use any harmful chemicals or herbicides. As we like to say, spend time with your kids, not your weeds ;)

The weed blocking fabric is a porous and breathable fabric which will allow moisture and air to flow through, helping to maintain a healthy and mold-free soil. Also, no weeds, did we mention that?

3. Do I have to bury the Seedsheet™?

No, simply place the Seedsheet™ (seed-side-down) on top of the soil of your gardening container or bed, and secure with the included stakes by pushing them through the “X” slits in the sheet.

4. Do I have to puncture the seed pods?

No, as soon as you water your Seedsheet™ the pods will begin to dissolve. Follow the watering directions on the information in your package or this video, and sign up for the text message notifications to put a gardening guru in your pocket!

5. How big is the Seedsheet?

We offer multiple sized Seedsheets to grow delicious food in whatever space you have!

  • For apartments, indoor and urban gardens we offer Seedsheet Mini kits, which are 8” in diameter and 3” deep, and perfect for sunny windowsills, steps, or fire escapes!
  • For larger indoor space or a stoop, porch or patio, we offer Seedsheet Balcony kits, which are 12” in diameter and 10” in depth, with handles for easy transporting!
  • For outdoor gardening we offer Custom Seedsheets that are rectangular and 4’x8’, intended to fit in most raised bed gardens.
  • However, Seedsheet fabric can be easily cut with scissors, so you can simply modify the size to fit your garden bed!
6. Do I have to use pesticides and/or herbicides?

No! We use sustainable farming principles so that you don't need to add harmful chemicals to your food. Our Seedsheets™ feature companion planting, where mutually beneficial plants naturally help each other attract pollinators, thwart pests, and improve soil. The weed-blocking fabric prevents sunlight from allowing weeds to germinate and photosynthesize, as well as provides a physical barrier to block their growth, so you don’t have to use any scary herbicides!

7. How long will it last in the package?

Seedsheets™ will last two years in their packaging, so you can buy now and plant when appropriate for your region. They also make fantastic gifts for your favorite foodies! After 2-years in the packaging, the germination rates for the seeds will start to gradually decrease, however because we plant multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination, you will likely still have success well beyond the best-by date.

8. Can I grow indoors?

It will depend on how much light you have available. If you have a large south-facing window that gets 8+ hours of direct light then you can grow any Herbs, Salads, or Tacos Seedsheet™. All of the other Seedsheets™ can also be grown indoors, however they will require a LED light for optimal growth and harvest sizes. We offer this LED Indoor Gardening Kit, which will allow you to grow any plants you desire indoors year round!

9. Do I have to plant in a container, or can I plant outside in the ground?

We recommend planting our container-sized Seedsheets™ into the fabric containers that we offer them in. You can however plant them directly onto the ground or a different container if you so choose, providing that you plant into a loose nutrient-rich potting soil. (See #5 in our Ultimate Gardening Guide for our recommendations on containers)

Our 4’x8’ Seedsheets can certainly be planted directly onto a tilled soil (we recommend amending with compost), however we do recommend that you grow in a raised bed because of their numerous benefits like improved soil drainage, increase soil warming, less weeds, and easier on the back!

10. What kind of soil should I use?

We recommend using an organic potting soil mix to help with water drainage. Especially if you intend to eat your harvest, spending the extra few $$ on a high quality soil will result in larger, healthier harvests!

11. How much do I water a Seedsheet™?

An instructional insert is included in each package to guide you on your gardening journey, and we strongly recommend that you sign up for the text message notifications so you can receive timely videos on tutorials like ‘How to water your Seedsheet’. During the germination phase you should gently water every morning since seeds need constant moisture to sprout. Once your plants develop beyond seedling stage and grow their "true leaves" (roughly when plants are 2-3" inches tall) they will require more water to support the larger plants. To determine if your developed garden needs to be watered, simply push a finger down 2" into the soil on the outside edge of the Seedsheet™, and feel if the soil is moist under the surface, if it is dry, add water.

12. What is the weed-blocking fabric made out of?

The Seedsheet™ is made from a #5 recyclable non-woven polypropylene weed-blocking fabric. It is a flexible, breathable, and perforated fabric, not a black plastic sheet. Water is able to drip through the material, and perforations help airflow to prevent soil mold and root rot. At the end of your garden's life you can recycle the weed-blocking fabric.

13. What are the dissolvable pouches made out of?

The dissolvable pouches are made out of a Certified-Edible PolyVinyl Alcohol film. This material is most commonly used in gel casings for pills, and the laundry pod industry. We worked with our supplier to specifically develop a Certified-Edible version, and while you certainly could eat one of our seed and soil pouches, we wouldn't recommend it, because there's some composted manure in there... and you know where manure comes from…

14. What is the grey fabric container made out of?

The fabric garden container is constructed of BPA-free ♳ PETE, extracted from recycled plastic bottles! The breathable fabric helps the soil drain, and airflow prevents root-circling and results in healthier root systems and ultimately happier plants!

15. How much soil do I need to plant my Seedsheet™ on?

We recommend filling the fabric gardening container to the brim with an organic potting soil before planting. If you are planting in a raised bed we recommend 12”-24” of depth to provide adequate space for the roots of larger plants like corn and tomatoes.

16. Can I reuse the fabric container?

Yes you can! You will get multiple garden seasons of use from these containers, and they can be hand or machine washed at the end of the season if desired. Before planting your 2nd Seedsheet, make sure that you either fertilize your existing soil with an organic all-purpose fertilizer, or replace the old soil with a new organic potting mix.