Growing and Harvesting

How to take care of…?

So, you’re an aspiring gardener that wants to grow delicious food, and green up your life? We have your back, and the tips for all of our plants from A to Z.

  • A


    Depending on the variety and maturity of the plant when you harvest it, arugula can have a wide taste profile from mild and nutty to spicy and peppery. This lends itself well to everything from salads and sandwiches, to pizza and flatbread topping. Easy and fast growing!

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  • B


    Basil is undoubtedly the favorite plant of Seedsheet customers, and with good reason! Basil is a forgiving plant to grow, can thrive in many environments, and its aromatic sweet and lingering flavor makes it a dynamic staple for a wide assortment of meals.

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  • Beans

    Beans are an ideal first plant for aspiring gardeners to begin with; they have phenomenal germination rates, are large and easy to see, are extremely fast growing, and will provide more harvests than you’ll know what to do with! Beans are also very easy to cook with, and next to tomatoes are probably our favorite plant for right-off-the-vine snacking.

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  • Beets and Beet Greens

    Cool climate farmers, rejoice! Beets can survive frosting temperatures so low they’ll make a Snowman jealous.

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  • Borage

    Borage is all about encouragement: when it flowers, cut the sprouts to for higher bloom-production.


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  • C


    Carrots range in size and color, from petite and pale yellow to ginormous and deep purple. They’re sweet and sometimes spicy with a crisp snap and extremely versatile. While they are always tasty and fresh raw on a crudités platter, enjoy carrots in soups, salads and slaws, roasted veggie trays, hot sauces, chutneys, juices, and dessert cakes.

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  • Chard

    With striking ruby red stems, these greens are a tender addition to salads as baby leaf greens, and the stems can be pickled for a delightful crunch.

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  • Cilantro

    Know how to cut and you’ll become a cilantro-expert in a week.


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  • Cucumbers

    Its seeds sprout into a light, fresh taste that goes great with any meal.

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  • D


    The fresh and aromatic nature of dill makes it a must-have for any herb garden. Our variety is a prolific producer, with excellent big bunches of dill fronds lending itself perfectly to pairing with fish, cream cheese, cucumber salads, and even pickling.

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  • E


    Also known as aubergine, or brinjal, these veggies in the nightshade family are actually a highly versatile fruit with a spongy, absorbent texture.



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  • F


    Grow your own beautiful edible bouquets with a Custom Seedsheet! Choose from a variety of brilliant colors like orange, purple, or yellow, and a variety of tasty blossoms that are spicy, sweet, or refreshing.

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  • K


    With exceptional color, gourmet varieties, high versatility in the kitchen, ease of growth, and outstanding vitamin levels, kale is an ideal green. Use varieties in everything from soups and stews to salads, fried with rice, baked into chips, blended into pesto, or simply sauteed with garlic as a side green.

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  • N


    Brilliant red, orange, pink, and yellow edible flowers placed among dish plate-shaped leaves. Add these peppery flowers to salads for color and spice, or stuff them with cream cheese. 

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  • P


    A high-in-vitamins, curly and fern-like addition to your plate!


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  • Peas

    Peas are natural climbers with a thirst for growth.


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  • Peppers

    Peppers range in size, color, flavor, and spice, and are extremely versatile. Add a spicy kick to salsa or curry with a hot pepper, or slice a juicy sweet pepper into a fresh, crisp salad or stuff them with rice, cheese, and other goodies and bake them for a hot meal.

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  • R


    Radish varieties are incredibly diverse and range from deep red and spicy to white and savory. With a crispy crunch, ease of growth through most seasons, and quick maturation, radishes are delightful garden cultivars.

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  • S


    Make sure to keep its lemony taste by providing a proper sunbath.  


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  • Spinach

    Grows fast and requires low maintenance; just make sure to harvest in cool temperatures

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  • Sprouting Broccoli (Broccolini)

    Abundant mini purple sprouting broccoli heads are tender, flavorful, and healthy. Also called broccolini these can be seared with chili peppers or sauteed in garlic sauce for a delicious side dish. 

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  • Z


    This one is squashy, loves the sun and is often hungry; one well-grown provides fruit for your entire family.


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