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Seedsheet Gardens featured on QVC, Shark Tank, The View, and GMA!
Tips & Tutorials - So you can go from DIY to GIY | April 22, 2021

Seedsheet Gardens featured on QVC, Shark Tank, The View, and GMA!

We've had the honor of presenting Seedsheets on national television on a variety of prime time shows, and it's always been fun(/terrifying) to pitch on live TV (don't mess up, don't mess up, don't mess up). In 2020 we made the decision to focus on Custom Seedsheets sold exclusively on our website, so while you can't find our pre-designed products in stores anymore, you can find our best-selling bundles here, or follow the guidelines below to design your own!

Serenity Garden:

One of our most popular flower varieties that frequently sold out on QVC, the Serenity Garden features fast-growing and simultaneously flowering marigolds, nasturtiums, zinnia's and sunflower, creating a brilliant sunset of orange and red. Create your own Serenity garden by clicking the link below!
Seedsheet Custom Serenity
Customize Your Seedsheet

Caprese Garden:

A QVC favorite that literally had Lori Greiner picking tomatoes off the vine and snacking on them in the middle of our segment, the Caprese Seedsheet is a simple, but amazing flavor combination! 
Caprese Seedsheet Garden
Caprese Custom Seedsheet
Customize Your Seedsheet

Salad Garden:

This popular garden took GMA by storm, and is available in our Culinary Bundle, however if you want to make your own, here's our suggestion! If you want to truly make your salads instagram-worthy, consider adding a watermelon radish for a splash of color!
Seedsheet Custom Salad
Seedsheet Custom Salad
Customize Your Seedsheet

Pickle Garden:

We heard from so many customers that they took up pickling during their home quarantines, which is quite possibly the most delicious hobby EVER! One of our favorite Recipe Seedsheets that we used to offer was our Pickle Seedsheet, which you can replicate with this recommendation: It features our popular pickling cucumber, dill (a perfect addition to any pickled veggie), watermelon radishes (for pink pickled radish!), and beans (for pickled dilly beans)! 
Seedsheet Pickle Garden
Custom Pickle Seedsheet
Customize Your Seedsheet

While we're sad to no longer be in big-box retail locations, we absolutely love that we can create better relationships with our website customers, and get your feedback for popular garden designs! So let us know what your favorite meals to grow are, and we'll feature our customer's designs and recipes in future blog posts!

Happy gardening!

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