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Our top-selling Seedsheets are now bundled together in this Culinary Gift Pack for the easiest (and best) gift that you'll ever give (or keep for yourself)! This kit includes:

  • Grow Your Own Herbs Gardening Kit, so you can elevate your home cooked meals with the freshest herbs possible!
  • Grow Your Own Salads Gardening Kit, which can be continually harvested every couple of weeks for multiple months of healthy crisp salad feasting!
  • Grow Your Own Pizza Gardening Kit, is an absolute favorite among kids, who love to learn where their food comes from and build their own perfect pie straight from the vine!

Just add soil and water, and you'll be enjoying massive harvests of all the ingredients necessary to make the best salads, pizzas, and gourmet dishes possible!

Weed-blocking fabric embedded with dissolvable seed pods!

Fabric garden container helps root systems thrive

Water-catching saucer helps keep your plants hydrated!

Stakes secure Seedsheet in place, and nozzle makes for easy watering!

Your garden will text you with tips and video tutorials to help you grow!

This Bundle Includes:

Herbs Garden Kit

The most popular Seedsheet with good reason, every dish is made better with a sprinkling of fresh herbs out of the garden! From pestos, to garnishes, to herb encrusted poultry and seafood, you can't go wrong with herbs! Includes: Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Dill, Scallions, Parsley and Sorrel.

Salad Garden Kit

Enjoy a continually growing bounty of the freshest, crispest, and sweetest salads ever with the Salad Seedsheet. This fast-growing garden is ready for harvests in just 3 weeks, and will keep providing salads for multiple months! Includes: Red Russian Kale, Arugula, French Breakfast Radish, Spinach, Mixed Salad Greens, and Peas.

Pizza Garden Kit

The best pizzas feature the freshest ingredients, so top your pies with homegrown harvests that you pick from your front porch. Kids absolutely love growing their own pizza! Includes: Sungold Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Purple Basil, Sweet Basil, Purple Bunching Onions (scallions).

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