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growing kale
how to grow kale
How to Successfully Grow Kale

Over the past several decades this dark leafy green has become the ultimate symbol of the health food movement. Today, kale has taken a step...

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grow sunflower
how to grow sunflowers
How to Successfully Grow Sunflowers

What is it about these majestic beaming flowers that enchant and capture us? Maybe it’s that they can get to about 14 feet tall,...

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grow zinnias
how to grow
how to grow zinnias
How to Successfully Grow Zinnias

Every year when the heat peaks in the summer, Zinnias explode like a floral nebula in our gardens. A starburst of every color and...

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How to Fertilize Your Garden Plants (Best Tips Revealed!)

Do you think of poop when you think of fertilizing your gardens? If you’re going the organic route of fertilizing (the best way to...

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How to Hand Pollinate - A Beginner's Guide

When does hand pollination come into play? Usually when you have indoor or isolated plants that pollinators can’t get to. If you live in...

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growing corn
how long does corn take to grow
How to Successfully Grow Corn

What would the world be without corn? Its uses range from food for humans and livestock, ethanol, corn syrup, bio-based plastics and settings for...

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growing pumpkin
how to grow a pumpkin
How to Successfully Grow Pumpkins

When someone says the word ‘pumpkin’, one can’t help but invoke images of delicious pies and stews, crisp cool evenings and the promise of...

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companion planting
companion plants
Companion Planting - A Beginners Guide

Sounds like a dating site for plants, right? Well, maybe not a dating site, but companion planting is growing different plants together in a...

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plant thinning
How to Thin Your Plants Guide

Something most people don’t want to do, or they don’t know how to do is thin their plants. Some gardeners (including myself earlier on)...

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cold weather
protect your garden
How to Protect Your Garden From Cold Weather & Frost

When the nights start getting longer, and pumpkin spice lattes are making their annual debut, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your garden...

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How To Grow a Fall Garden!

We all had Kindergarten teachers tell us that April showers bring May flowers. but can you grow a garden during the rest of the year!?!? The answer is a...

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Seedsheet Gardens featured on QVC, Shark Tank, The View, and GMA!

Looking for our older pre-designed Seedsheets? Here are field-tested, and tastebud-approved garden designs so you can build your own versions of our popular products that...

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