Staff Favorite Seedsheets

Staff Favorite Seedsheets

We were recently asked what our favorite Seedsheet varieties are... check out our recommendations here!

The wonderful thing about Seedsheets is there’s something for everyone!! Here are a few of our staff favorites:

Maura’s favorite Seedsheet variety is between the Hot Sauce and the new Savory Seedsheet (found on Amazon!). 'The Hot Sauce is absolutely amazing because the Cayenne Pepper plant pumps out spicy red chiles, and you also get big fat juicy carrots and some intensely crisp purple bunching onions. But our brand new Savory Herb sheet might be edging out the Hot Sauce because it’s just amazingly prolific and resilient. The sage, thyme, zaatar, and oregano just smell SO amazing and are so versatile in the kitchen.'

Leslie’s favorite variety is the Custom Seedsheet, 'because you can make whatever you want!' Her favorite custom seed offerings are Dragon Beans and Cucamelons. 'My kids go crazy for the purple striped beans and little one-bite melons. They eat them straight from the garden!'

Nick’s favorite is made specifically for sipping; the Cocktail Seedsheet. 'They are just such cool herb varieties that you really can't find in any stores. With the aroma of blueberries coming from the Tulsi, a sweet-smelling cucumber essence from the borage and the scent of anise wafting from the fennel, it makes it hard not to just plunge your face right into the middle of the container. If that isn't enough to make you fall in love with these varieties, try our Borage Lemonade recipe, you won't regret it.'

Cam's favorites include all three Mini Seedsheet varieties (Salad, Herb, and Pesto), because "they're just so darn easy to grow and they produce a ridiculous amount of green goodies to harvest!" Try one in your kitchen window today!

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