Easiest Edible Plant Varieties to Grow Indoors

Easiest Edible Plant Varieties to Grow Indoors

Distraught that your gardening season outside is over? Don't worry, bring that green goodness indoors and continue the harvest party throughout the winter months with an inside container garden!

Outdoor planting is over and done with by this time of year for much of the country, but don’t despair—you can still garden indoors with an adequate light source. 

Many plant varieties are still accessible so you can have garden-fresh meals right at your fingertips. Below are the easiest veggies to grow with limited space indoors.

Greens:   Super fast-growing, packed with nutrients, prolific, fresh, and crisp, greens are an excellent option for limited space gardening indoors. Leafy greens like iron-packed spinach, crunchy lettuce blends, frilly mustard greens, and spicy arugula are all easily grown in an indoor container garden. Try our Salad Seedsheet! 

Root Vegetables:   Crisp carrots, spicy radishes, and sweet beets are space-friendly and easy to grow indoors in a deep container garden (at least 10 inches). Bonus—the greens are just as tasty as the roots, but be careful not to eat them all up before the roots are big and fat! Double bonus—when they’re ready for harvest they keep in a cool fridge for weeks so you can continue to enjoy your harvest deep into the winter months!

Herbs:   Superior-tasting foliage like sweet fresh basil, zesty sorrel, and savory thyme require minimal space and pack a punch when added to freshly cooked meals. Let’s be honest, dried herbs don’t hold a candle to fresh-picked, straight-from-your-very-own-garden herbs!

Keep in mind that indoor gardens still require direct light; a minimum of eight hours per day. If you do not have a south-facing window that receives full and direct sunlight unobstructed gray skies (>90% of days), you will probably need supplemental LED grow lights to sustain the growth of your edible garden plants. 

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