How To Thin: French Breakfast Radishes

How To Thin: French Breakfast Radishes

To give French Breakfast Radishes enough room to grow, they require 'thinning' 10 days after planting when the seedlings are about an inch tall. These seedlings can be eaten, or planted in another area of fresh soil.


How to thin French Breakfast Radishes: 

  1. First, water the Seedsheet to saturate the soil and avoid damaging the roots.  
  2. Second, select the healthiest plants and gently pull out the extras with your thumb and pointer finger. 
  3. Thin French Breakfast Radishes to 2-plants so they have enough room to grow. 
  4. Pat down the soil around the remaining plants. 
  5. Have these as a spicy snack, or garnish your salads! 
  6. Watch the remaining two plants grow large and lush leaves. 








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I wanted to know if the diagram on the back of the package is seed sside down or seeds side up?

Jo-Anne Wolfe _

How do I thin the basil and tomato plant

Melissa Shoreland_

Is thinning basil the same? What about the other guys?

The Seedsheet Team_

Hi Jake,
There should be a diagram on the back of the packaging showing the arrangement of the plant types in the sheet. In the diagram there should be a notch, which would correspond to the notch located on the outer edge of the sheet itself, situated between two pods. This should be your reference point and will then allow you to figure what plant is where on the sheet. Hope this helps and contact our customer service department if you have any other questions.

Happy Gardening!


Can you help me to identify which sprouts are the French Breakfast Radishes? I forgot to mark how I laid the sheet down in my garden. Thanks!

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