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How to Trellis Tomatoes
how to tutorials | March 30, 2018

How to Trellis Tomatoes

Tomatoes are fast-growing plants and need support as they grow tall to be able to produce lots of fruit. Check out our tips below for how to trellis your tomato plant and produce healthy harvests.


How to Trellis Tomatoes:

  1. When tomato plants are about 5 weeks old, after they've been thinned to one plant, it is a good time to prune and trellis the remaining plant.
  2. Start by pruning off the bottom couple of leaves and side-shoots (also called "suckers") to promote upward growth for the plant and create more airflow around the base of the stem. 
  3. Take a 4' bamboo stake, or any other long, sturdy stake and insert the end into the soil next to the base of the tomato plant. 
  4. Attach the main stem of the tomato plant to the inserted stake using a twist tie, tomato clip, or even a zip tie. This will help the tomato plant grow upwards along the stake. 
  5. After pruning is a great time to fertilize! Check out our tutorial on How to Fertilize Your Seedsheet








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