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What type of soil should I use with my garden?
how to tutorials | June 04, 2019

What type of soil should I use with my garden?

Choosing the right soil for your garden is vital for a successful harvest.

While you can purchase a high-quality organically fertilized soil with your Seedsheet garden, you may prefer to select your own from a local home and garden center or have something suitable at home.

When deciding on a type of soil for use with a container or raised bed garden we strongly recommend an organic, fertilized potting soil labeled for use with vegetables. These soils have the optimal nutrients and soil drainage necessary to support vegetable, herb, and greens seedlings.

Other planting mediums should not be used because moisture retention is substandard and they lack nutrients necessary for growth. These include, but are not limited to mulch, sand, coconut coir, topsoil, and backyard dirt.

Check out the video below from an episode of Seedsheet Live!

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