I started my seeds indoors, when do I move my garden outside?

I started my seeds indoors, when do I move my garden outside?

If you plan on moving your garden outside into direct sunlight after germination when should you do it?

If you plan on moving your garden outdoors after germination, ensure that the weather will be hospitable when transitioning.

Germinating your garden indoors is a great practice because it keeps your seeds warms and protects them from scavenging critters as well as shielding your seedlings from inclement weather when they at their most fragile stage.

As soon as one seedling is one inch in height (like the thyme seedlings above), it is time to move your garden outside into direct sunlight. It is perfectly fine if your other pods have yet to sprout or are smaller than one inch. We recommend 8 hours of direct light at a minimum, with 10-12 hours preferred.

When planting and then moving your garden outside, keep an eye on the weather forecast and avoid temperatures outside of 55-85F as well as heavy or consistent rains. You can temporarily bring your garden inside if the forecast is nasty!

If your seedlings are tall, spindly, floppy, or “leggy” as we call them (like the image above), this is an indication your garden is not receiving enough direct sunlight and it should be moved to a more preferable location.

If you are concerned about wild critters (or maybe your dog or cat) disturbing your gardens, consider elevating your gardens onto a patio table or raised planter stand to protect them from investigation.

Don’t forget to water daily when your garden is moved outside!

Check out the video below from an episode of Seedsheet Live:


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