How to Thin: Sweet Basil

How to Thin: Sweet Basil

To give basil enough room to grow, it requires 'thinning' 2 weeks after planting when the seedlings are about an inch tall. These seedlings can be eaten, or planted in another area of fresh soil.


How to thin Sweet Basil:

  1. First, water the Seedsheet to saturate the soil and avoid damaging the roots.  
  2. Second, select the healthiest plants and gently pull out the extras with your thumb and pointer finger. 
  3. Thin Sweet Basil to 2-plants so they have enough room to grow. 
  4. Pat down the soil around the remaining plants. 
  5. The extra seedlings are micro-basil! Have these as a snack, or top your salads with the delicate basil sprouts. 
  6. Watch the remaining two plants grow large and lush leaves. 






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The Seedsheet Team_

Hi Jul! On the back of every package there should be a diagram that shows the orientation of all the pods in the sheet. There should be a little notch in the diagram that corresponds to a notch in the actual sheet, which you can use to tell where everything is located. I hope this info helps and let us know if you have ant other questions or concerns.

Happy Gardening!
The Seedsheet Team


I wish you guys would have marked ea seed sheet with the names on the pods,
I dont know what each of the pods are, so how I can thin the Basil?

Barbara Hadt_

You have a winning product with your company!!! I appreciate the follow through and the encouragement. Living in the desert and only having container planting it’s difficult, at best, to have things survive. You’ve made it easy. Thank you so much.

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