How to Create a Custom Seedsheet

How to Create a Custom Seedsheet

Ready to design your very own Custom Seedsheet? Follow the easy instructions below!

Our website makes creating a Custom Seedsheet easy to grow the veggies you love to snack on at home. We have almost 100 different plant varieties to pick and choose from and we are continuously testing new seeds to add to our catalog! If you have a particular variety you want to see in a Seedsheet, drop us a line and we’ll start testing to find a fast-growing and hardy variety to add to our database.

Our Custom sheets come in two different popular sizes (12-inch round and 4x8-foot rectangles) with different plant placement configurations so you can create exactly what you want. If you have a different sized bed, you can absolutely still have a Seedsheet garden! Our black weed-blocking fabric is easily cut with a pair of scissors to fit the dimensions of your garden beds, be they long and narrow border beds, or a rhombus-shaped central feature garden.

Using the algorithm on our website you can select plant varieties that you love and then move them around to different rows of your garden. The system will guide you to ensure that your plants are placed in the correct rows to promote excellent growth-- you wouldn’t want 10 tomato plants next to each other-- that would be chaos!

Follow the easy steps below to build your own Seedsheet!

First, select where your garden will be grown, either in a container indoors or on your patio, or outside in your backyard raised bed garden.

Next, select the size of the plants you would like to grow. Small plants include varieties like greens, herbs, radishes, or peas. Big plants include varieties like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or kale.

In a container garden, the small plant configuration will allow for eight different seed varieties to be selected. The big plant configuration allows for one large variety at the center, and three small varieties around the outside.

In a backyard garden, the small plant configuration allows for four small plants to be selected and three medium sized plants (like eggplant, fennel, or beets) for a total of 48 seed pods. The big plant configuration allows for three small plants, and three large plants to be selected for a total of 32 seed pods.

Click on the green boxes to view and select a list of seed options for your garden.

The same plant variety can be selected for more than one location by using the plus button (for example, in a small plant container garden, you can select eight pods of spinach if you want to be strong like Popeye).

Once you have selected the varieties you can’t wait to grow, you can drag and drop the arrows to change the placement of each plant variety. Note that you will not be able to move a large plant variety into a small plant row and vice versa.

As soon as you have your configuration all settled, all that’s left is to confirm your garden and check out!

Your order will be sent directly to our production team in Vermont they’ll build your design, pack it up, and ship it directly to your home within two weeks.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Seedsheet Customer Success Team if you have any questions about creating your own personalized Seedsheet and let us know if we’re missing a favorite plant variety.

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