Seedsheet on Shark Tank

Well, that was fun! One month ago our episode on Shark Tank aired, and words cannot truly describe how amazing the entire experience has been. First, I want to thank everyone that has ordered Seedsheets, as well as everyone that has sent congratulatory texts and emails. Shark Tank is known for helping entrepreneurs chase the American dream, but I've only done part of the work, YOU have done the rest. Part of the American dream is to start a company, and build something from nothing but it's only part of the equation. The other part that makes our country great, is the real power that you as consumers possess. You can vote with your wallet, you can stand up for companies whose values align with yours, who are doing good things for humanity and the planet. You can support the little guy, and help David build a better slingshot. What makes Shark Tank so compelling as a show, is that it acknowledges and celebrates the struggle that everyone in this country faces everyday; people who are working three jobs simultaneously, parents balancing the demands of business and family, and proves that with hard work anything is possible

It has been an overwhelming whirlwind since our episode has aired, and we have been working around the clock (quite literally), to make sure that everyone receives their orders as quickly as possible. I want to thank all of our customers for being patient as we worked through the exponential spike of orders, I really, reaaally appreciate your business and thank you for growing your next garden with Seedsheet!

Facebook, as it tends to do, got me feeling really sentimental the other day. I was reminded that 3 years ago, I sat in a small co-working space in Middlebury Vermont, and stuffed 50 of the very first Beta Test Seedsheets into haphazardly designed manilla envelopes, bound for all corners of the country:

It is truly heartwarming for me to look back at the company's humble beginnings, and reflect upon the sleepless nights, the bottomless pots of coffee, and the infinite pitches that stumbled off my tongue at farmers' markets, trade shows, and investor presentations. Three years ago the Seedsheet was nothing like it is today, it was sloppy, sealed in a cheap ziplock bag, with hand drawn instructions printed on my inkjet printer... but it was still special.

There's a famous line from Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn, who famously said "if you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." Well, as you can see from that photo, I was certainly not too late ;)

I hope that in three years, when Facebook again forces nostalgia upon me, that I will be able to look back fondly and laugh at the products that I introduced on Shark Tank, knowing how far they have come since then.

Entrepreneurship is a struggle... it is a grueling, sloppy, muddy, and bloody struggle. It is easy to look at Seedsheet's recent success, and envision a future of smooth sailing and effortless growth. But that is not the reality, and we are prepared and excited to continue the grind! In reality, the past three years of seemingly impossibly hard work was just to get us to the starting block. It was during Shark Tank where we actually toed the line, moved from the on-deck circle to the clay, and showed the world that we were ready to play. I am extremely excited to continue pushing the boundaries of agriculture with Seedsheet, and grow our company and our products with the help of your feedback and assistance. We are on this journey together, and in 3-years I can't wait to see how far we all come. Thanks for being part of the Seedsheet story!


Cameron MacKugler, Founder/CEO