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Take control of your food, wear your sustainability on your rolled-up sleeves, plant your beliefs, nurture your values, and feed your family delicious, healthy food.


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Rated 4.9/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers

Infamous plant killers, rejoice! Growing fresh, organic herbs and lettuce is now easy with the Seedsheet Herb and Salad Garden Kits. Whether you’re growing in your backyard, balcony, or kitchen – our DIY kit makes growing your own herbs and lettuce simple and delicious!

Each Gardening kit includes:
  • Text messaging software to guide you from seed to supper
  • Fabric gardening container made from BPA-free recycled bottles
  • Watering nozzle - fits any standard 1L water bottle
  • Biodegradable stakes
  • Plantable Seedsheet - featuring a weed-blocking fabric embedded with dissolvable pods containing organic and Non-GMO seeds
  • Nutrient-packed expandable soil

Everyone knows that the best meals are made with the best ingredients, and the best ingredients are fresh out of the garden!

Sweet Basil

Our Salad Garden Includes:

Pea Shoots
Mustard Greens
Beet Greens
Red Russian
Beet Greens
Golden Frills
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Rated 4.9/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers

Worry-Free Gardening Guaranteed!

You want to grow the perfect garden and nurture your tiny little seeds into giant fridge-filling harvests so you can show off your green thumb and put healthy and delicious food on your table! Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, things just don't go as planned...

Which is why we created the Greenthumb Guarantee. If any of your pods fail to sprout, we will happily send you free replacements.

This is How The Herb Seedsheet Works

Weed-blocking fabric is embedded with dissolvable seed pods

Fabric Garden Container helps root systems thrive

Nutrient-rich soil expands to fill your container

Water-catching saucer keeps your plants hydrated

Stakes secure Seedsheet in place, and nozzle makes for easy watering

Your garden will text you with tips and video tutorials to help you grow!

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Rated 4.9/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers

What people are saying ...

Rated 4.9/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers

I love this! I planted these a week ago and look at the progress! You can’t convince me that this isn’t magic! I keep talking to them and treating them like my babies! I love this so much!!! Can you believe it’s only been ONE WEEK! This is some serious sorcery!!!!

Karla V.Verified Buyer

I planted my seedsheet on June 24, 2021. I took a picture today on July 5, 2021. It’s making a lot of progress in a short time.

Darlene B.Verified Buyer

I received my package and transferred it straight to its growing stop. I’ve seen it sprout in just a few weeks, and I’m very pleased so far. Can’t what to pick something to eat. Will order more and bigger sheets.

Denise B.Verified Buyer

This is our first time using seed sheets! I think it is really cool. We decided to grow the beans and basil in the hydro set up. The basil sprouted and never took. Out side we planted the carrots and broccoli. So far we have a single carrot and not broccoli.. We will see how this turns out haha..

NATESHA H.Verified Buyer

Seed sheets are so easy to set up and mine have been growing so well, and quickly too!

Arlene S.Verified Buyer

So What Are You
Waiting For?

So What Are You
Waiting For?

Watch your seeds grow! Eat with confidence knowing you’re enjoying the freshest, healthiest, and most local pesticide-free food possible!

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Rated 4.9/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers

We’ve Got You Covered!

Are seeds included?

Yes! Our dissolvable seed pods contain the very best organic and non-GMO seeds from our partners High Mowing Seed Company and Johnny’s Select Seeds. Depending on the germination rate for each seed type, we include multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination.

What sizes are the Seedsheets?

Container Seedsheets are 11" in diameter, and the fabric containers are approximately 10" in height. Each container fits about 16 Liters, or 0.5 cubic feet of soil.

Do I need to bury a Seedsheet?

No. Simply place the Seedsheet (seed-side-down) on top of the soil in your garden container or bed. The dissolvable seed pods contain organic nonGMO seeds as well as a buffer of soil, so when you plant your Seedsheet seed-side-down you are already burying your seeds beneath a protective layer of soil!

Can I modify the size of a Seedsheet if it doesn't fit my garden bed?

Yes! Seedsheets are made of a medium-weight fabric which can be cut with scissors to fit any-sized gardens. Just don't cut the seed pods!

Do I have to puncture the seed pods?

No, as soon as you water your Seedsheet the pods will begin to dissolve. Follow the watering directions in your packaging.

Do I have to pull weeds with a Seedsheet?

Nope! Our weed-blocking fabric lets water through, but not the weeds! There's no need to use herbicides or spend hours bending over.

Can I grow Seedsheets indoors?

It depends on the amount and intensity of light that you have indoors. Plants love sun, so ideally a large south-facing window that receives >8hours of direct sunlight each day. If not, you can purchase a LED grow light on Amazon for year-round tomato picking!

Do I have to plant in a container, or can I plant directly in the ground?

We recommend planting our Container Seedsheets™ into the fabric containers that we offer. You can however plant them directly onto the ground or a different container if you so choose, providing that you plant into a loose nutrient-rich potting soil.

Do I have to use herbicides or pesticides?

No! We use sustainable farming principles so that you don’t need to add harmful chemicals to your food. Our Seedsheets™ feature companion planting, where mutually beneficial plants naturally help each other attract pollinators, thwart pests, and improve soil. The weed-blocking fabric prevents sunlight from allowing weeds to germinate and photosynthesize, as well as provides a physical barrier to block their growth, so you don’t have to use any scary herbicides! Eat with confidence!
How long do Seedsheets last in their packaging?What are Seedsheets made out of?Can I reuse the fabric gardening container?Is there a money-back guarantee or warrantee?

How long do Seedsheets last in their packaging?

Seedsheets™ will last two years in their packaging, so you can buy now and plant whenever is most convenient for you. They also make fantastic gifts for your favorite foodies! After 2-years in the packaging, the germination rates for the seeds will start to gradually decrease, however because we "plant" multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination, you will likely still have success.

What are Seedsheets made out of?

The dissolvable pouches are made out of a Certified-Edible PolyVinyl Alcohol film. This material is most commonly used in gel casings for pills, as well as in the laundry pod industry. Everyone always jokes "so it's an actual edible laundry pod!?", and yes, you can safely eat our dissolvable pods, but there's manure in there, so we wouldn't recommend it ;)
The Seedsheet™ is made from a #5 recyclable non-woven polypropylene weed-blocking fabric. It is a flexible, breathable, and perforated fabric, not a black plastic sheet. Water is able to drip through the material, and perforations help airflow to prevent soil mold and root rot. At the end of your garden's life you can recycle the weed-blocking fabric, or save to reuse next season.
The fabric garden container is constructed of BPA-free ♳ PETE, extracted from recycled plastic bottles! The breathable fabric helps the soil drain, and airflow prevents root-circling and results in healthier root systems and ultimately happier plants!

Can I reuse the fabric gardening container?

Yes you can! You can get multiple gardening seasons of use from these containers. They can be hand or machine washed at the end of each season if desired (use a safe organic soap). Before planting in an existing container for an additional season, make sure that you eithere amend the existing soil

Is there a money-back guarantee or warrantee?

We want you to enjoy gardening as much as we do, so we do offer a Greenthumb Guarantee and we'll happily replace any pods that fail to germinate free of charge. We only ask that you send an email to and include a photo of your garden so we can help diagnose what went wrong. We have your back!

Enjoy Your Own Herb & Salad Garden Today!

A unique and GREAT gift for friends and family!

Rated 4.9/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers
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