Yes! Our dissolvable seed pods contain the very best premium organic and non-GMO seeds. Depending on the germination rate for each seed type, we include multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination.

Seedsheets come in 3 sizes: BasicPlus, and Super. Exact dimensions for each can be found on our Garden Guide.

No. Simply place the Seedsheet (seed-side-down) on top of the soil in your garden container or bed. The dissolvable seed pods contain organic nonGMO seeds as well as abuffer of soil, so when you plant your Seedsheet seed-side-down you are already burying your seeds beneath a protective layer of soil!

Yes! Seedsheets are made of a medium-weight fabric which can be cut with scissors to fit any-sized gardens. Just don't cut the seed pods!

No, as soon as you water your Seedsheet the pods will begin to dissolve. Follow the watering directions in your packaging, or watch this video

Nope! Our specially designed weed-blocking fabric lets water through, but not the weeds! There's no need to use herbicides, or spending hours bending over.

It depends on the light you have indoors. Plants love sun, so ideally a large south-facing window that receives ~8 hours of direct sunlight each day. If not, you can purchase a LED grow light on Amazon for year-round tomato picking!

We definitely recommend planting Basic and Plus Seedsheets in the fabric containers we offer. They are specially designed to be breathable, allowing for optimal aeration and drainage. You may also place your Seedsheets directly on top of the ground or in a different container if you so choose, provided you plant in a loose, nutrient-rich potting soil.

Our Super sized 4 ft. x 8 ft. Seedsheet is designed to be planted directly onto a tilled soil (we suggest amending with compost). However we do recommend that you grow in a raised bed because of their numerous benefits like improved soil drainage, increased soil warming, less weeds, and ease on the back!

No! We use sustainable farming principles so that you don’t need to add harmful chemicals to your food. Our Seedsheets feature companion planting, where mutually beneficial plants naturally help each other attract pollinators, thwart pests, and improve soil. The weed-blocking fabric prevents sunlight from allowing weeds to germinate and photosynthesize, as well as provides a physical barrier to block their growth, so you don’t have to use any scary herbicides! Eat with confidence!

Seedsheets will last for at least two years in their packaging, so you can buy now and plant whenever is most convenient for you. They also make fantastic gifts for your favorite foodies! After 2 years in the packaging, the germination rates for the seeds will start to gradually decrease, however because we "plant" multiple seeds in each pod to ensure germination, you will likely still have success well beyond the best-by date.

The dissolvable seed pouches are made out of a Certified-Edible PolyVinyl Alcohol film. This material is most commonly used in gel casings for pills. So yes, you can safely eat our dissolvable seed pods, but there's manure in there, so we wouldn't recommend it ;)

Our Seedsheets are made from a #5 recyclable non-woven polypropylene weed-blocking fabric. It is a specially-designed flexible, breathable, and perforated fabric, not a black plastic sheet. Water is able to drip through the material, and perforations help airflow to prevent soil mold and root rot. At the end of your garden's life you can recycle the weed-blocking fabric, or save to reuse next season.

Our fabric containers are made from BPA-free ♳ PETE, extracted from recycled plastic bottles! The breathable fabric helps the soil drain, and airflow prevents root-circling and results in healthier root systems and ultimately happier plants!

Yes you can! You can get multiple gardening seasons of use from these earth-friendly containers. They can be hand or machine washed at the end of each season if desired (use a safe organic soap). Before planting in an existing container for an additional season, make sure that you either amend the existing soil with an organic all-purpose fertilizer, or replace the soil with a new organic potting mix. 

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of our products, all sales are final.However, we want you to enjoy gardening as much as we do, so we do offer a Greenthumb Guarantee and we'll happily replace any seed pods that fail to grow free of charge!Just contact us usingthe form on this page and include a photo of your garden so we can help diagnose what went wrong. We have your back!

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