Basil has consistently been the most popular plant with Seedsheet growers, and with good reasons! Not only is it a hardy and forgiving plant to grow, but it is absolutely magical in the kitchen, and can elevate any meal to michelan star status!

Table of Contents:

May - Jul

May - Jul

May - Aug

Apr - Aug

Mar - Jun

Mar - Jun

Feb - Jun

Prefers Full Sun

45 Days Baby

68 Days Mature

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How To Plant: Day 1 - Day 14

Step 1: Lay each strip seed-side-down atop your garden

Step 2: Overlap the strips by aligning the stake holes, then secure with stakes

Step 3: Use a garden hose with a gentle misting nozzle, and apply water directly on the pods until they visibly dissolve and are completely saturated.

Step 4: Water your pods at least 5-minutes each day for the first two weeks

How To Thin and Trim: Day 24 - Day 68

Step 1: Once seedlings reach 1”-2” in height, use fingers to gently pull out all but 2 plants per pod. Try to keep the largest and strongest looking plants.

Step 2: As the plant matures, use scissors to cut the main branch directly above a node where branches come out. This will encourage bushier growth.

Step 3: Continue to harvest the plant regularly to encourage leafy growth and prevent it from going to seed. If flowers begin to form at the top, cut them off.

How To Harvest: Day 45 - Day 68+

Step 1: Continually harvest your basil plant as desired for food, as well as to ensure stable bushy growth (so it doesn’t get top-heavy and fall over!).

Step 2: Use full leaves layered between tomatoes for a caprese salad, or shred, chop, and cook to make any meal memorable. Pro Tip: If you’re topping a pizza with basil, fully cook the pizza before applying fresh basil!



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