Use Organic Fertilizer to Stop Yellowing Leaves

Use Organic Fertilizer to Stop Yellowing Leaves

After planting your Seedsheet, it's only a matter of days before the green seedlings peek out of the soil, green and ready to grow! When gardens look great from the get-go, it's hard to believe that anything could stand in the way of lush leaves, beautiful flowers and ripe fruit. To grow the healthiest plants in a container garden or backyard raised bed, starting with nutrient-dense soil is the essential first step.


After the crops start developing "true leaves", adding organic fertilizer every week to boost the health of your plants is the best way to keep the leaves healthy and encourage good fruit production. Organic fertilizer is like a superfood smoothie for your plants. This addition of extra minerals and nutrients will in turn increase the health benefits of your homegrown-harvests.


When plants don't have enough nutrients, the leaves may turn yellow. This is their way of letting you know they need a little boost!  


If you've never fertilized your garden before, don't worry, it's easy and we're here to help. Check out the tips below for fool-proof fertilizing to harvest your biggest bounty yet.

How to Fertilize Your Garden:


  1. Wait until seedlings are at least 4"-6" tall. Young plants are sensitive, and can get "burned" by fertilizer if applied too soon.  
  2. Get your hands on some liquid organic fertilizer with essential minerals and nutrients. Liquid fertilizers are the easiest to use, because they can be added directly into a watering can, and be absorbed immediately by the plants (though leaves or through the soil). "Organic" fertilizers are a no-brainer here-- you are what you eat!
  3. Pick one day a week to feed your plants their superfood supplements. Add 1-2 tablespoons of fertilizer to a gallon-watering can each week and water the garden (read the bottle for more detailed application instructions). 
  4. Fertilize in the morning, so the plants can absorb the nutrients throughout the day, and the leaves can dry out by nighttime.  
  5. Watch plants respond with fast, healthy growth in just a couple of days.




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Comments (3)

Easton Memmott_

I didn’t know before that you should wait for your plants to grow a bit before applying fertilizer. I have a garden in my backyard that I want to optimize the amount vegetables that I will reap. I will be sure to let my plants grow for a bit before I put fertilizer on them.

The Seedsheet Team_

Hi Taylor,
We actually do have the ability to remind you to fertilize your garden. If you register your sheet when you plant it, we can send you texts or emails with reminders to water and fertilize (when it’s time) and tutorial videos on thinning and harvesting everything in your particular sheet.

Happy Gardening!

Taylor Bishop_

I had no idea that organic fertilizer could stop leaves from yellowing. That being said, it’s good to know that you should use the fertilizer one time each week. Perhaps it could be good to set a reminder or make a habit of it so you don’t forget it.

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