Shelf Life and Storage of Seedsheets

Shelf Life and Storage of Seedsheets

How to keep your Seedsheet fresh for spring planting??

So you received a Seedsheet for Christmas? Or maybe it’s too late in the summer to start your garden outside? In any case, if you don’t want to plant your garden right now, no worries!

Seedsheets have a two-year shelf life from when they are produced and have a best-by date printed on or in the packaging along with seed-lot information. We are also constantly testing our seeds to ensure germination rates even beyond the best-by dates.

To store a Seedsheet for future use, we recommend keeping your sheet in the sealed plastic bag and placing your kit in a cool and dry location, away from direct light, like a closet or basement.

If you have a bag of soil you are also storing, temperature fluctuations are fine, but we recommend sealing the bag so critters can’t get in and make a home, and storing it in a dry area. If your soil is stored in a humid or damp environment there is a potential for mold growth, which could then be passed to your seeds and plants once used. 

 Don’t forget to set yourself a reminder to plant in the spring!

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