How to Harvest Beans

How to Harvest Beans

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Abundant in vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, and fiber, beans are a beneficial & tasty addition to salads, stir fries, and pasta dishes. At Seedsheet HQ we grow so many we’ve started opting for the classic Dilly Bean so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor long past growing season. Here’s some advice on how to maximize your green bean harvest this summer:


  • Look for mature pods around 50-60 days after planting. The optimal picking size depends on bean variety and personal preference. Try picking and tasting a few straight from the vine!
  • Harvest beans by quickly breaking the pod from its connecting vine. Be careful not to break this vine from the plants, this could stunt future bean growth.
  • Check your garden every other day for new beans to optimize the quantity and duration of your harvest. Once these plants start producing, bean pods will continue to reappear very quickly. 
  • It can be difficult to distinguish between the beans and the bean stalks. Beans will grow both near the base of the plant as well as along the tops. Be sure to lift the foliage of your bean plants and search the plants thoroughly. It's better to harvest pods when too small, rather than too large & starchy! 



Store-bought green beans are often either too tough or limp. Pods picked fresh from your home garden are fresh and crunchy without fail. Happy harvesting!

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