How to Fertilize Your Seedsheet Garden

How to Fertilize Your Seedsheet Garden

When planting a container garden, it is essential to start with fresh, organic potting soil to give plants a healthy start. After the garden starts growing, add organic fertilizer with the tips below once a week to boost the health of the soil and increase your homegrown harvests.  


How To Fertilize Your Seedsheet: 

  1. When plants are at least 4" tall, (or just after first thinning) is a great time to start fertilizing. The easiest way to boost the soil nutrients in a container garden is by adding liquid fertilizer to your watering can 1x per week.  
  2. Follow the **instructions on the container** to dilute the fertilizer concentrate, and apply to the plants when watering. PRO TIP: When growing outdoors, it is a good rule of thumb to apply the fertilizer in the morning or evening, avoiding the heat of the day. (If growing indoors, fertilize in the morning or evening, whenever you regularly water.) 
  3. Watch plants grow lush foliage, flowers + fruit until it's time to harvest! 






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Barbara Hart_

Your company is so great with follow through and nhand holding. hank you so much!

The Seedsheet Team_

Hi Barbara,
You can fertilize the entire container with your fertilizer. Just make sure you are being as careful as you can, to not get the fertilizer on the leaves of your plants. This, combined with the heat of the day, can burn the leaves. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Happy Gardening!


Only fertilize the tomato (area) or fertilize every pod?

The Seedsheet Team_

Hi Bren,
Good question. You should be fine for the first month or so with the nutrients that are already in the soil (miracle grow). However, I would say that if you are growing fruiting plants like peppers or tomatoes, you should use some fertilizer once the plants start to flower (once a week), because at that point they will need a lot of nutrients to start forming fruits. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Happy Gardening!

Brooke Alpert_

Does basil also need to be thinned? I thinned the tomatoes down to 1 plant but was unsure about the basil! Thank you

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