Fabric Container Benefits

Fabric Container Benefits

Why do we prefer to grow plants in fabric containers?

While the fabric pots we provide with our Seedsheet container gardens are not necessary, they are beneficial and preferred for several reasons and we simply love growing in them!

The first reason we choose to grow in fabric containers is ease of mobility. Our patio-sized pots have handles for ease of transportation. If the forecast calls for heavy thunderstorms or a series of searing hot days, this may dictate moving your garden under cover temporarily. It is far easier to move a handled fabric container than a big, heavy ceramic pot. 

The second reason we love our fabric containers is for their superiority when it comes to water drainage. When a heavy application of water is administered to plants in a ceramic or plastic container with limited or no drainage, it can be very damaging. Seeds, root systems, and seedlings can be easily overwhelmed by excessive water and they can drown or rot. Because our fabric bags are water permeable, they make it difficult to over-watering, as excess water simply flows out the bottom and sides of the container when the soil is saturated beyond the carrying capacity. A saucer (provided with balcony-sized kits), that is placed underneath the container, catches the extra water and protects your floors from water damage.

Also, our fabric containers are eco-friendly! Instead of purchasing a new container, produced with traditional methods, our pots are woven from a soft cloth created with repurposed, recycled BPA-free plastic bottles, ensuring that nothing foreign is leaching into the potting soil. Our containers are also reusable, season after season; ready to use with a fresh Seedsheet!

The final reason we recommend fabric containers, and the main benefit of fabric containers, is a phenomenon called “air pruning.” Roots can sense the air flow through the permeable sides of the container and do not attempt to continue growing. If they were to continue to grow, as in a hard-surfaced container, they would hit the sides of the container and thus circle around the pot into a firm root ball. The air pruning process eliminates wasted energy spent on excessive root production and allows for the establishment of a healthy, low-stress root system for the plants. Unlike plastic nursery pots and ceramic containers, which can cause a tangled mess of roots growing around and around the inside of the pot, eventually stunting growth and leading to unhealthy plants. 

If you would like to purchase a fabric container separate from a Seedsheet, you can find them here

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