Root Vegetables

Product type
Carrot: Fall
Fast-growing classic orange carrot, great for snacking, salads, or cake (we won't tell)
Sweet red roots and crispy greens make beets great in salads, roasts, and smoothies
Carrot: Spring
The standard spring carrot for commercial growers, with stellar flavor and crispness
Carrot: Deep Purple
Deep purple carrot adds a fresh twist to salads and stews, sweet with some spice
Carrot: Dragon
Vibrant purple-skinned carrots with orange flesh and yellow core. Spicy sweet flavor
Radish: French Breakfast
Extremely fast-growing and yields bright pink roots with white tips, absolutely delicious
Radish: Watermelon
Pale white bulbs open to a striking pink interior. Great in salads, pickled, or on tacos