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Lettuce: Salad Blend
Just add dressing! This mixture includes a variety of popular, colorful salad greens
Greens: Spinach
Enjoy frequent continual harvests of everyone's favorite plant protein, sweet and crunchy
Lettuce: Butterhead
Butterhead lettuce variety yields compact green heads with a buttery heart & sweet flavor
Wildly popular salad green, famed for its broad taste range from sweet to peppery
Sweet red roots and crispy greens make beets great in salads, roasts, and smoothies
This robust lacinato variety yields upright uniform plants for season-long harvests
Chard: Rainbow
Dark leafy greens with a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colorful stems
Unique purple broccolini heads are both beautiful and delectable
Bulbs are crisp and pleasandtly verdant, and fragrant fronds can be used like dill
Greens: Mustard
Hardy and fast growing salad leaf with distinct sweet mustard taste that makes salads pop