Your plant has feelings too!

Make sure it’s always happy - our Garden Guru Sensor collects real time data about moisture, light, and temperature.

Put a farmers' market
on your stoop!

For the speacially challenged, you too
can create your own urban farm.

Turn your stoop
into a store.

Grown your own food revolution.
No overalls required.

Fridge-filling harvests
for the whole family.

Transform your backyard into
your personal farmers' market

You Design. We Build.
And You Feast.

Choose from over 60 varieties of delicious
organic seeds to pick your perfect plot.

GYO Herbs Seedsheet

Whether your want to Grow Your Own, or Give the Gift of a Garden, this Herbs...
Starting at $14.99

GYO Caprese Seedsheet

This Grow Your Own Caprese Garden Kit includes fast growing Glacier Tomatoes...
Starting at $14.99

Custom Container - Small Plants

Create your ideal virtual garden, and we'll build it and ship it straight to...
Starting at $24.99

Custom Container Garden Gift

This Custom Container Seedsheet Gift includes all of the necessary component...