Seedsheet's NEW Garden Guru Platform

Featuring a bluetooth sensor and app to turn anyone into a master gardener

Garden Guru Sensor

Welcome to the garden of the future! Our smart bluetooth device features light, moisture, and temperature sensors that pair with our new app and will work with any curated or custom Seedsheets, and be able to provide accurate and trustworthy tips and tutorials to help you grow from seed to supper!

Pre-order the Seedsheet Garden Guru Sensor that's blowing people's minds at CES!


You might be wondering...

  • Will the app work on all devices?

    The app will be available for IOS and Android.

  • Do you need the sensor to use the app?

    No, the app will be able to pair with custom and curated Seedsheets and still provide tips and tutorials that track your garden’s growth. However the app will not be able to provide real-time light, moisture, or temperature data that would require a sensor to monitor.

  • What’s the sensor’s battery life?

    The Garden Guru sensor’s battery will last for the entirety of a growing season (approximately 6 months), with replacement batteries available thereafter.

  • How many sensors do I need for my gardens?

    Each sensor is only able to pair with one garden at a time, however you can add additional gardens in the app that are not paired with a sensor. If you have multiple gardens, either indoors or outside, the number of sensors that we would recommend would be really dependent on the consistency of your planting containers and soil, as well as the consistency of your watering device or process. If you are growing in different kinds of containers, with different kinds of soil, or watering with a sporadic and manually method, than a single sensor would not be able to provide blanketed accuracy for multiple gardens. However if you are growing multiple gardens that are located near each other, that get similar sunlight, have similar soil makeups, and are watered similarly, then a single sensor should be able to provide an accurate snapshot to multiple gardens simultaneously.

  • Can you use multiple sensors at the same time?

    Yes, the app is able to collect data from multiple sensors, as well as pair multiple sensors to multiple gardens simultaneously.

  • Can I use the sensor for non-Seedsheet products?

    At least initially, the sensor will only work accurately when paired with Seedsheet products.

  • Will my credit card be charged now or at shipment?

    You payment will process upon completion of checkout.

  • Will you ship on time?

    We are confident that we will be able to ship by the June deadline. In the event that any unforeseen circumstances prohibit us from meeting that deadline we will be extremely transparent and alert all customers.

  • Do you allow refunds before shipping date?

    We will provide the option of refunds to customers only if we miss our ship date, otherwise pre-order sales are final.

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Brian B. Such an awesome product to share with our kids! They were checking every 30 minutes to see if they were sprouts! Huge success!
@Johnnygrit It’s #gardening made easy!