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Look no further for the ultimate gift for your hard-to-shop for second cousin, or the dreaded office gift swap! This three-pack bundle of our popular gardening kits includes the funky Taco Garden, Cocktail Garden, and Hot Sauce garden!

Just add soil, water, and a little love, and you'll be enjoying botanical beverages, homegrown tacos, and fresh hot sauce straight from the vine!

Weed-blocking fabric embedded with dissolvable seed pods!

Fabric garden container helps root systems thrive

Water-catching saucer helps keep your plants hydrated!

Stakes secure Seedsheet in place, and nozzle makes for easy watering!

Your garden will text you with tips and video tutorials to help you grow!

This Bundle Includes:

🌶 Hot Sauce Garden Kit 🍗

Choose between mild or mouth-fire as you make your own hot sauce with garden-fresh ingredients! The longer your peppers ripen, the hotter they get! Includes: Ring O'Fire Cayenne Peppers, Napoli Carrot, Dragon Carrot, and Purple Bunching Onions. 

☘️ Cocktail Garden Kit 🍹

Why eat your garden, when you can drink 🍸 it!? Unleash your inner mixologist and impress your friends with the most delectable botanical cocktails possible! Includes: Lemon Basil, Borage, Herb Celery, and Bronze Leaf Fennel.

🌿 Tacos Garden Kit 🌮

Make every day Taco Tuesday, and enjoy the freshest taco toppings picked straight from the garden! A favorite among kids, and a great way to get them excited about gardening! Includes: Cilantro, Watermelon Radish, Arugula, and Scallions.

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