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The garden of the future can make you a farmer today

Custom Seedsheet garden

Choose from over 70 organic seeds to design your ideal virtual garden for your windowsill, stoop, or backyard. Two-year shelf life means you can buy now and plant later!

Starting at $24.99

How does it work?

All you need to do is place the Seedsheet seed-side down on the surface of a fabric container or garden bed that has been filled to the brim with organic potting soil.

Seedsheet does the rest. Once watered, the seeds pods will dissolve, and organic seeds will sprout up through aligned openings in the weed-blocking fabric. No weeding, no seeding, just farm-fresh feeding.

Your garden will text you.

We get it. Gardening can be challenging. That's why we've given our garden's a voice! They will let you know what they need, and turn you into a bonafide gardening guru!

Unlike your backyard garden bed, Seedsheet’s gardens pair with a innovative software that tracks your garden’s growth and sends useful tips, reminders, and recipes on your smartphone to help you grow from seed to supper.

Join the Future of Gardening!

Whether you're designing for yourself or giving the gift of a garden, start your horticultural journey with Seedsheet! We're here to help you take control of your own farm-fresh food!

Starting at $24.99

Our customers love us

"Now you don't need a green-thumb to grow fresh, healthy food!"

Brian B. Such an awesome product to share with our kids! They were checking every 30 minutes to see if they were sprouts! Huge success!
@Johnnygrit It’s #gardening made easy!
Garden Guru Sensor Pre-order Now

The bluetooth-enabled device pairs with the Garden Guru app: that’s what a garden of the future is all about. The app will work with any curated or custom Seedsheet, and be able to provide accurate and trustworthy advice and tutorials to help you grow from seed to supper!

The Garden Guru Sensor is available as a standalone, or can be purchased with a Curated Container Kit, Custom Container Kit, or Custom Backyard Kit.

Join the Future of Gardening! 

It's easy, it's delicious, and it will make a gardener out of anyone in your family. Grow it, know it, and be proud of your food

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