GYO Hot Sauce Seedsheet

Whether your want to Grow Your Own, or Give the Gift of a Garden, this Hot Sauce Gardening Kit includes the necessary ingredients for epic hot sauce concocting! The kit will grow: Ring-O-Fire Cayenne Pepper, Dragon Red Carrot, Napoli Carrot and Purple Bunching Onions. Turning up the heat has never been this fresh. Grows up to $113 worth of Organic nonGMO Produce!


Give the Gift of a Garden

This holiday season, give the gift that your friends and family will really cherish, the gift of healthy, and delicious fresh food.

Seedsheets have a 2-year shelf life, so you can buy now and plant later.

We source extremely fast-growing plants that thrive in a container garden, providing you and yours with months and months of continual homegrown harvests!


Simply fill the included fabric container to the brim with the provided organic potting soil, and then place the Seedsheet seed-side down on the surface. Secure, water, and watch it grow. Seedsheet does the rest. So easy to use, even children can get involved and help grow their own delicious, farm-fresh herbs.

Food is always the perfect gift

Especially when it comes in the shape of a garden! With Seedsheet, you can give your friends and loved ones the opportunity of growing a LOT of food in a small space. Yum!


Fans love us

What our customers like the most about our gardens

@elamcfma "I would absolutely recommend @Seedsheet to anyone!!!"
@themamabearextract “Eating my first ever homegrown salad!!!! And it is sooooo delicious!! Feels so good to know where my food is coming from!”
@yankeesem “Our daughter is obsessed with the tomatoes I grew in the caprese kit - when she sees one that’s ready, she picks it herself - thanks for making sure we have delicious and healthy homegrown food!”