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In recent years the connection between technology and agriculture has been growing stronger and stronger, enabling more efficient cultivation on a larger scale, as well as allowing more people to plant, grow and harvest their own food, no matter their environmental limitations. Our goal at Seedsheet is to demystify gardening for the masses and make it as easy as possible for anyone to grow their own food, no matter their horticulture prowess. We have followed the trend of integrating technology by including a notification software that can be paired with your Seedsheet gardens. This technology provides tips and tutorials-- teaching you the best practices to care for your garden from seed to supper!

The incredibly positive feedback that we have received from customers touting the concept of the notification software has encouraged us to explore further development in this area. We have recently started development of a Bluetooth enabled sensor that will provide real-time data detailing the moisture content of your soil, the temperature of the environment that your plants are in, and the amount of light exposure that your plants are receiving. This sensor will connect to a native app that will present this data to you and highlight any issues there may be with these three variables. As mentioned, the sensor and the native app are still currently in development, however, we hope to be able to offer them by the end of 2019. 

Currently, the best way to get instructions, tips, and tutorials for your Recipe Curated Seedsheet gardens is by texting the prompt keyword to 1-518-310-4927 to register your gardens. The prompt keyword is different for each garden variety:

Grow Your Own Herbs Seedsheet: Text “Herbs

Grow Your Own Savory Herb Seedsheet: Text “Savory

Grow Your Own Salads Seedsheet: Text “Salads

Grow Your Own Caprese Seedsheet: Text “Caprese

Grow Your Own Tacos Seedsheet: Text “Tacos

Grow Your Own Hot Sauce Seedsheet: Text “Hotsauce

Grow Your Own Cocktails Seedsheet: Text “Cocktails

Grow Your Own Pickles Seedsheet: Text “Pickle

Grow Your Own Pesto Seedsheet: Text “Pesto

Grow Your Own Pizza Seedsheet: Text “Pizza


Grow Your Own Mini Herbs Kit: Text “Miniherbs

Grow Your Own Mini Salad Kit: Text “Minisalads

Grow Your Own Mini Pesto Kit: Text “Minipesto


If you have multiple varieties of gardens, each should be registered separately by completing one registration before starting another garden variety registration. Registering your gardens will ensure you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our system will help you learn from your garden!

*We do not currently offer the notifications functionality for Custom Seedsheets, however, we do plan on building that functionality into the new native app.*

As always if you have any questions or concerns about your Seedsheet gardens, our Garden Gurus are standing by to help you cultivate your homegrown harvests!


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