Onions are vegetables grown, harvested and eaten in more countries in the world than any other veggie.

Even though they have the reputation of being hard to grow, it’s not impossible to have your own onion bulbs at home and prepare delicious meals with them.

In this guide, we provide you some hints on how to do it in your own garden:

  • How to plant onions:

    There are various types of onions to plant – like yellow onions, sweet onions, red onions, white onions, shallots and more – and they have, basically, the same planting and caring process.

    Choose a variety of onion that suits your region and get to work:

    • Onion seedlings need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, independently if the garden container is located indoors or outdoors.
    • When it comes to temperature, onions can be very sensitive vegetables. They commonly need cool weather to produce tops and a warm climate to develop their bulbs.
    • Water the seedlings with 1 inch of rainfall or irrigation per week, and observe the container garden constantly to make sure they’re not dry – but don’t drown them, of course!
  • When and how to harvest onions?

    The best time to harvest onions is when the weather is drier than usual and when there’s no frosting. Different from most vegetables, they need curing after being pulled from the soil so the moist dries out.

    When flower stalks start to grow, it means that the onions have stopped to grow, and it’s time to harvest and use onions in new, delicious recipes!

    You can start harvesting by gently pulling the matured plants from the soil. Be gentle, so you don’t hurt their tops! After pulling, lay them on the garden for a day or too – if the temperature is wet, you’ll need to remove and leave them in a safer spot.

    Before storing them in a root cellar or any kind of storage tool, make sure to spread them in an open space to dry.

  • After harvested, time to cut some onions!

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