Our current flower varieties:

BoragePink turned purple turned blue flowers chock-full of sweet nectar distinguish this plant a particular favorite of your friendly, neighborhood pollinators. Enjoyable for humans as well, the flowers carry a sweet cucumber taste, making them perfect for garnishes in salads and cocktails.

Buzz Buttons- Also known as the "Toothache Plant", chewing the compact yellow flowers causes a temporary tingling and numbing sensation of the tongue and mouth. Cover the bad boys in chocolate, use the petals for a cocktail garnish, make a tea, or use sparingly in a salad for an extra zing! The Buzz Button leaves can be chopped into a fresh salad for an enjoyable peppery taste without the tingle.

Calendula- A true deep orange calendula with bright flame-colored ruffled flowers. Well suited for bouquets, these blooms will continuously flower throughout the growing season.


  • Dark Orange: Double-flowered blooms and deep orange coloring highlight this particular Marigold variety. Useful for keeping pests away from other, more prized plants, such as tomatoes.
    • Tangerine Gem: Compact and lacy green foliage is accented by scores of orange and yellow flowers with a citrusy scent. Edible petals are beautiful in a salad, as a garnish on a dessert, or even cooked in rice dishes.

    NasturtiumBrilliant red, orange, pink, and yellow edible flowers placed among dish plate shaped leaves. Add these peppery flowers to salads for color and spice, or stuff them with cream cheese.


    • Limoncello: Vibrant, lemon-yellow petals form traditional sunflowers that are beautiful in bouquets.
    • Strawberry Blonde: Dark centers with deep pink or burgundy based petals with pale tips. Gorgeous bouquet flower.
    • Teddy: Big, puffy, golden-yellow blooms on dwarf stems. Perfect for kids' gardens, balcony gardens, or bouquet cuts.


    • Golden: Prolific, petite but sturdy flowers are perfect for cut-flower bunches with their rich yellow tone.
    • Purple: Huge purple blooms are gorgeous in vases and attract butterflies in the garden.