The truth about tomatoes is: they are an amazing add-on to your meals! Not only is the fruit’s flavor adaptable to a lot of meals and drinks, but they’re also easy to re-plant at home.

Learn how to grow and harvest the most notorious fruit of the Green Realm and Bon Appetit!

  • How to start tomatoes from seed?

    If you’re planning to grow tomatoes from seed, take this note: they’re not fond of frosty, cold climates. So make sure to start seedlings indoors for safer growth. They’re warm weather plants and love a little heat.

    The ideal temperature for the soil should be close to 16ºC/60F, which is ideal for tomato seedlings to stay cozy, warm and prepared to grow. In case you don’t own a soil thermometer, thrust a finger into the soil and make sure it’s not cold.

  • Can you grow tomatoes indoors?

    You can, and you should! As we’ve mentioned, tomatoes love warmer climates. During winter, they can get weakened easily, so make sure your home has a nice space for them (you can accommodate them in a container garden, which provides enough room for one or more seeds).

    Remember to always provide enough light: tomato plants need at least eight hours of sunlight to produce!

    When indoors, don’t let them thirst! If you won’t place your tomato fruit outside, be aware that it won’t receive natural pollination. So, from time to time, use seaweed water tonic or liquid comfrey to nurture the seed and allow it to transport water and shallow roots, then it can absorb the proper nutrients. If their leaves start to wilt, it’s watering time!

  • How to water tomatoes?

    Watering a tomato is important since it’s a really thirsty fruit. To prosper, it requires hydration on a regular basis, so make sure to water it and observe when it’s becoming too dry.

    You don’t need to have a “green thumb” to have a nice, well-cared for garden. You need to be an amazing observer! So experiment, even though is not rocket science: when it’s drooping or its leaves are becoming yellow, water it. Day by day, you’ll learn on how to take care of your baby tomato.

    We recommend watering the soil itself and not its leaves since they transport the water to the roots – in this case, pour pure water and not mixed with fertilizers since they can burn the leaves.

    If you’re mixing the water with any chemical or fertilizer, pour it directly at the soil where the roots are (especially at the dawn or evening, which provide the necessary condition to foster and thrive).

  • What goes best with tomatoes?

    Are your tomatoes healthy and strong enough for harvesting? Well, it’s time for action! Make sure to wash your tomatoes and prepare them for nice cooking!

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